Agency Elite Workshop

You don't need to be great at sales to get big deals. You need a great agency sales system.

Stop struggling with your agency sales, create an agency sales machine.

Do you have trouble finding time to market your marketing agency, and when you finally do it’s overwhelming? Are you constantly saying it’s the story of the “Cobbler’s Kids” when it comes to your website?

Do you want to get high quality prospects? The ones that can afford the “big work” and are willing to pay what you are worth? 

It’s a classic struggle, but we have a solution to making your marketing message clearer, bolder and timeless.

You’re probably spending too much time selling or trying to find sales people. It’s frustrating and killing your margins, taking away from your expert authority. Your agency goes to trade shows, but they always feel like it’s a crap shoot with a long ROI.

We are going to give you the secret to: 

  •  Finding and training great salespeople
  •  Developing a streamlined sales process that takes less time
  •  Leaving tradeshows and convention with money in the bank instead of a handful of business cards

You might be thinking:

  • I don’t have any sales experience. 
  • I hate selling. 
  • I don’t have the time or capabilities to train a salesperson.
  •  I don’t have any good leads. 
  • There are no great sales people out there. 

We’re Jason Swenk and Ian Garlic, creators of The Agency Sales Workshop. Between us we have over 25 years in digital agency experience.

Before exiting his agency for eight figures, Jason Swenk landed clients like AT&T, Hitachi and Lotus Cars. With virtually no sales background, he developed the systems to continuously grow his agency, hire and train top sales consultants.

Now Jason helps agency owners around the world grow their agency with purpose.

Jason has helped agencies double or triple their revenue in less than a year through a combination of consulting and systems, further honing the method for implementing and executing.

Ian Garlic has a deep business, sales and marketing background. After trading for a hedge fund, he sold commercial real estate in NYC (yes, the real big buildings). He worked for the #1 information company in the world, consulting and selling digital marketing in New York. 

In 2009 he started authenticWEB, a video marketing agency where he quickly grew the company to serve both local clients and large organizations through outside sales alone.

Jason and Ian are working with a limited number of agency owners to help them get their perfect agency sales systems.

When you attend the Agency Sales Workshop you will learn how to...

  •  Create an irresistible promise for your prospect
  •  Overcome objections before they form 
  •  Set yourself apart from the competition to the point where they're irrelevant
  •  Be seen as a trusted advisor and not an order taker 
  •  Identify the most profitable deals and close them faster 
  •  Find and train the correct salesperson 
  •  Create a conference profit machine 
  •  Find the stories that your prospect will never forget
  •  Use those stories to overcome objections before they are ever spoken
  •  Pay the agency owner to talk with every prospect
  •  Structure your day to maximize sales and production
  •  Find and train the four types of salespeople
  •  Identify the core pieces of your offering ladder and the one most agencies miss
  •  Stop worrying about the big sale 
  •  Dramatically increase profits by identifying problem deals before they appear
  •  Take advantage of those those clients that could not afford your main service
  •  See ROI at any conference before you leave 

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